Dienstag, 22. September 2009


Welcome to my new blog "Dreamworld of a Bookaholic"!

This blog will be about one of my great passions: BOOKS

I am addicted to reading and whenever I walk past a bookshop I cannot resist. I have to go inside and buy books...
But do you know the feeling when you see a book, and the cover looks nice and you want to read it, but actually you don´t know anything about the content? Well... that´s why I started writing a blog--> I want to inform others about books I´ve read! Of course when I review a book it will always be my personal opinion about the book, and as everybody has a different taste you might not agree with me, so just keep that in mind ;-)

Also I read books in different languages (German, English, Italian and Spanish), so in my reviews I will always mention wich language I chose to read the book in, because it sometimes makes a really big difference whether you read something in the original language or not!

You can also always recommend books! If they appeal to me I will definitely review them!

And of course I´d love to get comments and to read about your opinions as well! So don´t hestitate!- Just start writing! ;-)

So, have fun reading my blog,


Kathi (the bookaholic)

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